Bioscience is an International Business

In today’s economy and today’s business environment, all business advances have an international impact. Every new development, every advancement is embraced across the globe. While that may be very evident in such industries as computer technology, wireless connectivity, and automotive advances, it is perhaps most important in the world of bioscience.

Whether you are talking about bioscience advances in the “green” fields like biomass, solar and wind energy, or new developments in treatment or prevention of disease, virtually every nation is both celebrating other’s successes and striving for their own leadership.

Internationalism is important for every community that wants to survive, and vital to those who expect to thrive. Throughout our community this week, internationalism at its best is being both celebrated and developed.

The event is the Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition. More than 500 leaders in the field of airports and aviation from around the globe are in town for three days of networking and education about the current environment and future of the industry. It is a great honor for Memphis to be able to host this international exhibition.

But, this gathering is about more that airplanes and airports. It is about international business connectivity. And, while the topics of airports and Aerotropolis will be center stage at the event, many peripheral events will also take place.

At Memphis Bioworks, our Bioworks Business Association hosted a luncheon and roundtable discussion on Bioscience Opportunities between Memphis and Paris. Co-hosted by the Invest in France Agency, the Greater Memphis Chamber, and us, with funding from MemphisED, the event explored Synergies with Memphis Medical Center, The Medicen Paris and Memphis Biosciences; discussed developments within the Charles de Gaulle and the Memphis Aerotropolis; and reviewed Battelle Technology Partnership Practice Research on the emerging field of Biologistics (funded by Memphis Bioworks).

Paris strives to be to Europe what Memphis is to the Americas in terms of an Aerotropolis – a community with an airport as its economic hub – and a centerpiece for business development for a continent.

All of us in the biosciences must realize the importance of global connections. We, like any industry can better grow and thrive if we touch more of the world and share more with our global community. In fact, perhaps no other business category has more opportunity to benefit from the “flattening” world than bioscience. Bioscience and distribution logistics really come together in the Aerotropolis concept.

As I said in an earlier contribution to this forum, real growth in the biosciences is dependent on the ability to build a product from local, to regional, to national and ultimately global access. Whether on a research level, from an import/export perspective, or even from a personalized/just-in-time medicine perspective, access to international distribution will be essential.

The opportunity is ours, and meeting with the representative from France who are in town this week is just one step.

Congratulations to Memphis International Airport on their hosting of Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition. I hope that business leaders throughout our community are taking advantage of the opportunity that has flown our way.

One Response to “Bioscience is an International Business”

  1. MSJ Says:

    Memphis needs non-stop connections to the bio-science centers of the United States. We should press Delta to offer non-stop service to San Francisco. We had service for well over twenty years to SFO. Post merger the service has stopped.

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