MASE Gets Well Deserved Recognition in Tennessee

Earlier this summer, the Tennessee Legislature passed a resolution officially recognizing the accomplishment of MASE (Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering) for its 100 percent graduation rate for its senior class in May. It was the first senior class for MASE, so it was really a remarkable achievement.

While passed back on June 18, I was not able to pick it up until a few days ago. This framed document was particularly moving for me, much more than I had expected it to be. The fact that MASE had graduated its entire senior class was not new information. After all, I had written a BioBiz back in November discussing MASE’s achievement, and it received nice local recognition.

What makes this so meaningful is the fact that it is a concrete representation that those who are helping to guide the future of our state, that our government officials, recognize what a remarkable achievement this is. Ulysses Jones Jr., Tennessee House of Representative for the 98th District, was the sponsor of the resolution and has been an active participant in the debate about the value of charter schools. And, we are told that the accomplishments of MASE and the visibility we have given MASE’s success was one of the key arguments for passing much needed Charter School legislation this year.

MASE is proof that the right Charter School, well run and with a strong foundation of support from parents, students, faculty and the community can have a “turning point” impact on kids. Resolutions aren’t the end game; they are just punctuation along the way. The real end game for MASE is education for kids in our community, preparing them to be productive citizens that fill community jobs and help our local businesses thrive.


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