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The Bioscience of Reversing Capital Flight

January 20, 2009

On December 21 of last year, the “Commercial Appeal” ran a feature story titled The Great Migration: Taxpayers Pouring Out of Shelby County . I have been thinking about that story ever since it ran. Yes, Memphis has had a problem in recent years of losing more wage earners than it attracts, and of seeing higher wage jobs being “replaced” with lower wage jobs. Those are facts that can’t be disputed. What can be disputed is the fatalistic feeling that many have after reading such articles.


Innovative 50 Years Ago. Still Innovative Today

January 5, 2009

How often is it that a building is as influential when it turns 50 as it was when it first opened its doors? The building at 20 S. Dudley is a vital part of the Memphis bioscience community and it has been since it was completed 50 years ago.