The Search for a Chancellor at UTHSC Presents and Opportunitiy for Memphis and Tennessee

The opening of the chancellor’s position at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) in Memphis presents an excellent opportunity for Memphis and Tennessee to make a statement about our position and vision in the biosciences. The biosciences will influence, or even dominate, much of the world’s business growth in the foreseeable future, and many communities are staking claim to a leadership role. The quality and caliber of the person sought by the university and its board will say a lot about what role we intend to play.

Chancellor William Owen has been a visionary leader who has laid the foundation for a strong, vibrant medical center. He has worked tirelessly to position UTHSC as a leading bioscience research organization in Memphis and his enthusiasm will be missed when he departs to become the President of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. The Memphis Bioworks Foundation looks forward to helping Interim Chancellor Wall advance the important work and partnerships begun under Chancellor Owen.

Vibrant and active, UTHSC is well-supported locally and throughout the state and an important asset for Memphis and Tennessee. As the city grows as a center for the biosciences and the UT-Baptist Research Park develops, all of us at the Memphis Bioworks Foundation look forward to a continued partnership with UTHSC and the University of Tennessee. Endeavors such as the Regional Biocontainment Laboratory on which construction began a few weeks ago; development of the UT-Baptist Research Park; and programs such as those underway with the University of Tennessee Research Foundation, in which we are working together to identify promising technologies, are only the beginning of what we can do together.

We have a great deal of bioscience potential in Memphis, and the strong leadership necessary to make our bioscience vision a reality is in place in many organizations throughout the community. A strong and visionary chancellor will only add to our potential. We look forward to working with a new, high-quality, visionary leader who will continue helping UT build a strong national reputation.


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